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Download Pokemon X and Y Leaked 3ds Roms with Patch (EU) (US)

LEAKED Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom Download

After a solid few days of hype and speculation, Nintendo finally revealed the Pokemon announcement they had hinted at before. This announcement? Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Not much was revealed, but there are definitely new Pokemon, new places to go, and new player characters. And what scant news was revealed is pretty interesting.

One new feature that is surprising is the worldwide release of the game in October. This is the first time a Pokemon game has been released all at once like this. Another new feature is a fully 3D battle setting, that gives you a full view of your Pokemon using 3D models such as those in Pokedex 3D.

Pokemon X and Y will be for Nintendo 3DS. Our team got hold of the 2 Beta (Still Buggy) versions of this awesome game. We've been testing various aspects of the game and wow, were supprised! This game seriously blew our mind with the new 3D settings. The 3D Settings and gameplay of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are amazing, and it plays like a new Pokemon game should!

Now we are aware that we are currently the only legit team of people providing a working Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Beta version Rom. This is why we protect our files with a Survey Company called FileIce. When a person wants to download the files he/she will need to fill in a small survey. The surveys are easy to fill in, and will provide enough protection for our download-able files. 

Downloads can be found near bottom of the page.




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